We are California landscape contractors specializing in residential construction and maintenance in Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Goleta.

We partner with landscape architects and designers to create beautiful, low maintenance and sustainable landscapes.

We specialize in irrigation systems; site work with heavy equipment including demolition, excavation and grading; stone work; all types of planting including large specimen trees; ponds and constructed wetlands.

Whenever possible we use drought tolerant and native plants, natural Santa Barbara stone, rainwater catchment and rain gardens to enhance outdoor spaces and ecosystem health.


Established in 1981

In 1979 David Frantz purchased a 3-acre avocado orchard in Santa Barbara. He renovated the orchard, installed automatic irrigation system, built a new home, remodeled structures and landscaped the surroundings with drought tolerant and native plants, natural stonework, ponds, and constructed wetlands. He’s continued to upgrade the landscape and expand the facilities with innovative landscaping ideas for both personal and professional use.

David’s been on the Board of Directors for the Santa Barbara Horticulture Society since 1982. From 1988-1990, he was an instructor at the SBCC Landscape Horticulture Program, where he taught topics, including: water management, hydraulics, irrigation installation, and water conservation.

In 1984 David got his CA Landscape Contractor’s License, and From 1981 to Present, David has owned and managed Frantz Landscapes, a Santa Barbara landscaping company. He leads the company with expertise in all phases of landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

David M. Frantz

David is a dedicated landscape professional with over 30 years experience creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes in Santa Barbara County. He’s passionate about doing work that not only enhances the local site but is good for the environment and our collective quality of life.

His approach to landscaping is creating optimal beauty with minimal maintenance. 

“A well designed garden shouldn’t require legions of workers.”

David loves to use native and Mediterranean plants, to utilize rainwater on site, and to build soil health with compost, mulch and organic fertilizers.

Frantz Landscapes is opposed to using poisons and herbicides whenever possible. We love being part of the process of nature, mimicking its sheer beauty and resilience in the constructed landscape.