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Services & Specialties 

Our complete range of landscaping services include: landscape site preparation, excavation and demolition, irrigation and planting, rainwater catchment and harvesting, storm water retention, constructed wetlands, bioswales, site-appropriate sustainable landscaping, and specimen tree planting.

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Natural Wetland, Stone Landscape, and Garden PondWater Features

Our system is based on the principle of establishing a working eco-system within your water garden, to keep it clean, while reducing maintenance. The system is comprised of a mechanical skimmer, pre-filter, biological waterfall filter and beneficial bacteria. more »

Landscaping ImageRain Gardens and Wetlands

Rain Gardens utilize landscaping to capture rainwater and release it slowly—like a sponge—to replenish the aquifer. It is a way to alleviate drainage problems and runoff sedimentation issues as well as an opportunity to create beautiful gardens with "surplus" water.

Rain gardens are most effective with the use of native plants which are more likely to flourish in our climate, and they also provide habitat for birds and insects. more »

Natural Stone, Fountain, and Landscape DesignStonework

Our stone services include flagstone and gravel pathways, stone entry gates, garden and retaining walls, and boulder placement with local Santa Barbara sandstone. more »

Comprehensive Services

Design & Installation

We provide all design and installation services for any size job. We will also be happy to work with any landscape architect you may choose and can provide a list of designers we have collaborated with. more »

Natual Landscaping Habitat with Grasses and StoneworkMaintenance

We are devoted to constructing landscapes that are site appropriate and require minimal maintenance. We also provide maintenance service packages for large projects and commercial sites.


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