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Water Features

Ponds, Waterfalls, Constructed Wetlands, Rain Water Catchment, Arroyos.

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Rain Gardens & Wetlands

The concept of a Rain Garden means utilizing landscaping to capture rainwater and release it slowly—like a sponge—to replenish the aquifer. It provides a way to alleviate drainage and run off sedimentation issues as well as an opportunity to create beautiful gardens with "surplus" water.


Rain gardens are most effective with the use of native plants which are more likely to flourish in our climate, and they also provide habitat for birds and insects. By careful preparation of the bed there is not going to be standing water, so need not worry about mosquitoes.

The use of the rain garden involves developing an awareness of and manipulating surface and rooftop water to collect in prepared basins or bioretention swales. The basin is prepared according to the type of soil encountered and generally requires the addition of compost and possibly sand and gravel or cobbles and rocks for aesthetics and enhanced percolation. The plants' roots and soil microbes effectively filter contaminants and suspended particles out of the water, protecting our fragile ecosystems.


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